World Cup Negatively Affects Productivity, Employers Say

The World Cup is captivating soccer fans from all over the world. It is the first World Cup tournament that has truly taken advantage of all of the social networking applications that the internet has to offer. Online streaming, microblogging and online sportsbetting have all allowed for soccer fans to take part in the World Cup tournament from virtually anywhere – especially their offices.

Many employers have taken note of this, and believe that World Cup Fever may threaten their productivity. Employment law specialist Citation is now offering advice to employers who may have workers that are a little too involved in this year’s tournament. Especially in a country like Canada, where multicultural football fans support their homelands from abroad, solutions to productivity issues are important.

Citation suggests that employers enforce new policies during the World Cup, stating that business owners be vigilant about excessive absences. Employees should consider switching shifts, being flexible when they start and finish their shifts and taking half days off to particular games.

On the other side of the coin, Citation suggests that employers also are flexible during this time. The organization says that business owners should think about getting a television set for the office while the tournament is on, so as to discourage football fans from taking time off work to watch games.

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