Mobile Gambling Market to Grow to $38 Billion in 2011

With smart phones and tablet computers becoming increasingly popular, the mobile entertainment market is growing rapidly. As more people from around the world begin purchasing mobile communication devices, the demand for mobile games and applications will continue to grow. The industry is already on an upswing, and 2011 will see the market with a value of almost $40 billion.

Content developers have jumped at the chance to get involved in the mobile entertainment market. Mobile development presents a low cost way for companies to disseminate their software and products. This fact has made it especially beneficial for smaller companies, such as Rovia and Lima Sky.

Online casino developers have also become more involved in the mobile gaming market. Manufacturers like Apple were previously opposed to offering online gambling applications, but have recently come around. Since then, thousands of players have downloaded the various online poker and online casino applications that are available on mobile communication platforms.

The introduction of online gambling is certainly pushing forward the success of mobile gaming as a whole. In 2010, mobile entertainment was worth $33 billion and that figure is expected to grow by 15% by the end of this year.

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