Competition Encouraged Among Casino Operators

Illegal online gambling and the competitive environment of the industry are two major concerns of operators and authorities in the market. Khalid Ali, Chairman for the European Sports Security Association, believes that the European Commission needs to address these issues in order to create a safe and fair professional environment for operators in the online gambling market.

In a recent interview with Euractiv, Ali stated that the European Commission must encourage a competitive landscape for online gaming operators throughout Europe. The most innovative technology for the industry is coming from European developers and  operators, and Ali believes that a competitive environment will allow online gambling operators to protect their position as innovators in the industry.

Ali also believes that gaming authorities should also take responsibility by fighting underage gambling and money laundering. The integrity of the online gambling industry is fragile and European operators need to protect their image. This also means implementing strict security measures to protect players from hackers and other online safety threats.

Although the path is clear for gaming authorities and operators, Ali predicts that implementing these suggestions will take years. There are always several strong opinions involved when it comes to making changes in the online gambling industry and he expects that there will be a great deal of debate over these issues.

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