Online Gaming: A Solution to Used Game Sales?

When you purchase a used video game, the game’s publishers and developers do not see a profit. The money you spend on used games goes directly to the retailer, so publishers like Xbox and Sony have a vested interest on banning used video game sales. However, the measure seems excessive, especially given that online gaming sales seem to make up for the loss that used games present. 

According to Patrick O’Rourke on Sony, Xbox and Nintendo want to implement a ban that will prevent the games from future generations of consoles from being resold. This will prevent the companies from losing out on the sales; however, the solution could be as simple as offering the games online through their own gaming marketplaces. 

All three publishers have online game marketplaces, where gamers can purchase titles without having to go to a store. Many older games are sold at discounted prices, eliminating the option of buying pre-owned games from retailers like Best Buy and EB. 

So, online gaming could be the solution to the used games ban. Should publishers offer a wider range of discounted games online, they will lose out on less income while still allowing retailers like EB to exist. 


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