Windsor Casino Prepares for Competition

Caesars Casino in Windsor is making plans to compete with two new casinos that will be opening in Ohio this month. The casino plans on continuing to attract customers from the state, despite the fact that they will have other options closer to them. 

The casino will mainly rely on its loyalty plan to keep Ohio players coming back for more. They want to offer more attractive options to returning players so that they don’t feel the need to try out a casino in their state. 

It seems like a sound plan, since loyalty offers can often make or break a player’s decision on where to play. However, Caesars may have to present some more generous options if it wants to retain its players. 

When it comes to local competition, Caesars isn’t worried. The casino operator does not see the new Toronto casino as a threat. Caesars’ biggest competition is casinos from across the border, as they are much closer than Toronto. As such, the two new Ohio casinos are the biggest threats for Caesars at the moment. 


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