Europeans to Enter American Online Gambling Market

The American online gambling industry is predicted to be one of the most profitable in the whole world. European operators are getting anxious, waiting for the country to regulate its online gambling industry. However, some companies are getting a head start – take PokerStars, for example, who recently signed a deal with American land-based operator Wynn.

Nevada is currently looking to legalize online gambling, as the state has realized the potential the industry has to generate some much-needed revenue. Las Vegas continues to suffer from the economic recession and is in need of some financial assistance to keep afloat. Politicians are looking for a way to legalize online gambling and online poker in the country and international casino operators are interested in the development.

“We can stand on the beach and let it wash over us, or we can recognize the potential economic opportunity for the state.” Nevada Gaming Executive Randall Sayre says.

As a result PokerStars is teaming up with Wynn, giving it leverage in a market that is soon to be opened. The company is following in the footsteps of 888, who recently joined forces with Caesars. The market has the potential generate more than $3 billion per year in tax revenue.

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