New Slots at All Slots Online Casino

Every month, you can count on All Slots online casino to launch new games. July is no different, as the online casino website has launched two brand new online slots games for players’ enjoyment.

The first slot to be launched this month is called Riviera Riches, an online slots games with 5 reels. The new game features a casino theme, and the bonus round is a unique twist on the usual bonus games offered by online slots. In the bonus round, players are presented with a roulette wheel. As they would in a regular roulette game, they must choose a number between 1 and 36. Depending on the number they pick, they could receive a multiplier from 1x to 35x!

The next game to be launched at All Slots is a Hexaline online slots game, putting a new twist on the usual slot machines offered at online casinos. The goal of the  game is to create hexagons on a honeycomb grid. This game seems to require an additional amount of skill as opposed to traditional slots which depend entirely on luck. Because of this, we suspect that Hexaline will be a popular new addition to the All Slots game roster.

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