Ladbrokes Discontinues Local Online Casinos

UK-based online gambling operator Ladbrokes has announced that it will be discontinuing several of its localized sites for countries across Europe. After the downside, the company will cater to only 9 different languages with support for 17 currencies.

Starting in February, Ladbrokes will no longer offer the languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian and Slovenian.

According to a spokesperson at Ladbrokes, supporting these languages is not cost effective. There simply aren’t enough players in these countries to justify the amount of money it takes to provide services in these languages.

Now, Ladbrokes can better target its marketing services. It’s attention will be turned towards markets that will prove to be profitable for the company. Ladbrokes promises to stay committed to its key markets, continuing to provide high-quality service to players in the UK, Poland, Spain and several other European countries.

While this seems to be bad news for online gambling customers in these countries, it is good news for other European-based operators. Now, there are several new markets that have opened up in the nine countries that Ladbrokes has pulled out of, offering players in the countries a wider range of choice when searching for an online casino operator.


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