Mobile Gambling to Reach Peak in 2015

With an increasing number of smart phone users taking part in mobile gaming, the trend of mobile gambling has emerged. Although it is still catching on, industry experts predict that by the 2012, players from all over the world will be playing online slots and other casino games from their phones.

Today, mobile phones are being equipped with the software necessary to run complex games and other applications. Online casino operators are taking advantage of these developments and many of them have launched casino games on these platforms. The pickings are slim at the moment but there is sure to be an influx of mobile casino games in the near future.

According to online gaming analysts, the mobile gambling industry is expected to generate more than $48 million by the year 2015. The study, conducted by Juniper Research, predicts that lotteries will play a large role in the expansion of mobile gambling. It is a great way for casual gamblers to make the transition to playing at online casinos.

Previously, many of the world’s largest mobile phone developers refused to be a part of the craze. Now, Apple and Blackberry are allowing players to access online casino games from their phones. With these two major players now involved, there is no doubt that the mobile gambling industry will expand exponentially.

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