Loto Quebec Begins Online Lottery Sales

Loto Quebec was one of the first Canadian lottery operators to launch into the world of online gambling. While the site launched its online casino website, EspaceJeux in 2011, the operator has not offer online ticket sales – until now.

Over the course of the past few years, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and the British Columbia Lottery Commission have sold lottery tickets online. Around the world, in most countries across Europe, it is common for lotteries to provide online ticket sales. So, Loto Quebec felt like it was about time that it did the same.

Online ticket sales provide players with a convenient sales outlet. They do not have to worry about rushing to the local corner store to purchase tickets before the deadline, so players will never miss a draw. Players can view their results of each draw they’ve played almost immediately, and the new website will offer a quick and easy way for players to check their numbers online.

“Consumers who buy lottery products online using their computer, smartphone or tablet computer will notice the advantages and user-friendliness of Loto-Quebec’s site,” Loto Quebec announced in a statement.

With more and more lottery fans using smartphones and tablet computers to conduct their everyday activities, it is important for online gaming providers to offer mobile technology. Life is becoming increasingly fast-paced for Canadians and people want to be able to conduct their everyday activities while on the go. As such, Loto Quebec’s new online lottery sale service is perfectly suited to the needs of local lottery players.


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