ALC Encourages Responsible Gambling

responsible gambling & help
responsible gambling & helpThe cost of post-secondary education is rising. Tuition, textbooks, transportation and living expenses add up quickly, leaving many students to seek out additional income in less conventional ways. With the advent of online gambling, many students started seeking their fortune from online poker – and a new program by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation aims to educate students about the dangers of gambling online.
The ALC’s Responsible Gaming Council visited the University of Moncton this week to speak with students about the realities of gambling online. The visit is part of the Know the Score program, which warns students about getting involved in high stakes gambling.
“That age group are known to be risk takers; they are away from home for the first time experimenting with different things and so gambling just might be one of those things,” says Danielle Ayee of the Responsible Gambling Council.
According to reports, individuals aged 19 to 44 are at the biggest risk of developing a problem gambling habit. In addition to being seen as a way to make money online, online gambling is also becoming a common form of leisure entertainment. Since individuals belonging to this demographic are the most plugged into internet technology, it could be easy for them to simply pick up the habit.

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