Deadline Tightened for Online Gambling Legislation

For months now, Spain has been trying to legalize and regulate its online gambling market. However, the legislation has been delayed due to the sheer number of amendments and suggestions that have been made by politicians and gaming organizations. Now, the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado is putting its foot down in order to get the draft finished sooner by setting a deadline of two weeks for any additional comments on the document.

So far, there have been over 250 amendments made to the legislation at various stage of its drafting. While this means that law makers are working hard to ensure that the legislation is well-rounded, it is taking much longer than anyone anticipated in order to pass this law.

One of the biggest concerns in the country is the issue of sponsorship. Several companies in Spain are sponsors for sports leagues and the new legislation would give companies direct guidelines in order to regulate and plan their sponsorships.

The new legislation also states that companies that wish to operate in the country will have to obtain .es domains. This will ensure that citizens will only have access to legal online gambling websites.

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