WSOP Encourages Online Poker Activity

Online poker is one of the most popular online gambling activities on the internet, but October saw an especially big boom in the industry. Thanks to the recent World Series of Poker, the online poker world saw an increase in traffic from poker players and fans checking up on news and standings for the tournament.

Traffic doubled during the month, and politicians in favour of legalizing online gambling across the United States are not surprised. Online poker is becoming a popular leisure activity for people from just about any demographic, demonstrating the need to regulate America’s online gambling industry.

Not only is the online poker industry growing in terms of player population; the number of general visitors has also increased. Poker is becoming a popular spectator sport and fans from all over the country are interested in keeping up with the latest industry news. Many online poker websites allow you to watch games live, prompting many more poker fans to log on and have a look.

Currently, the federal legislation to legalize and regulate online gambling is still being stalled. However, many individual states are taking things into their own hands by enacting laws within state lines.

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