No Betting Scandals Have Hit The Olympics

Within the first week of an internationally-renowned sports competition, you would expect news reports to be full of betting scandals and illegal gambling activity – but the opposite has occurred during the first week of the 2012 London Olympics. Rather than reporting on a shocking betting scandal, news outlets are reporting that illegal activity has yet to rear its ugly head during this year’s Olympics Games.

There are nine days left in the event, and betting outlets around the world have yet to uncover any betting scandals. This is likely due to the International Olympics Committee’s stringent restrictions on the illegal betting and its comprehensive monitoring system. Dozens of international bookmakers are working with the IOC to closely monitor all betting activity. Should any suspicious activity be discovered, the IOC will be alerted immediately and investigate the claims.

The committee has also introduced a zero-tolerance policy that will impose costly fines and suspend anyone who is involved in a betting scandal. So, it’s no wonder that no one seems to want to take the risk. Being implicated in any betting scandals will not only jeopardize their Olympic experience but also compromise their future career as an athlete.

Only one scandal has been uncovered and, although it is not directly related to the Olympics, he athlete could face suspension. Irish sailing team member Peter O’Leary allegedly placed a wager on a competitor to win a previous completion in which they both took part. He collected over $3000 as winnings, and the revelation could see him kicked out of this year’s Olympics.

With just over a week left of the London 2012 Olympics, it is safe to say that we can likely look forward to a scandal-free event. We’ll have our fingers crossed, however, as anything can happen in the world of sports.


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