Third Largest Lotto 649 Jackpot Won in Alberta

Alberta appears to be the lucky province for players of Lotto 649.  In 2005, the largest 649 jackpot ever valued at $54.3 million was won in Alberta, followed by the second largest jackpot of $49.8 million in 2009.

Two times is merely a coincidence, but a pattern has formed with the third largest jackpot of more than $45.6 million having also been won in Alberta.  Apparently, if you want to win the largest 6-49 jackpots, move to Alberta for better odds.

Alberta 649

The new winners are Duane and Joanne Thompson who live in Lethbridge, Alberta, located southeast of Calgary on the Oldman River.  Joanne was the one to discover they had won the lottery and admits she initially had no idea how much the jackpot was actually worth.  Nevertheless, she was extremely excited when she called her husband at work, so much so that Duane says he could barely understand what she meant while repeatedly shouting “WE WON THE LOTTO”.

Joanne took their winning ticket from the November 14 draw to Casino Lethbridge on 2nd Avenue South, just off the Crowsnest Highway.  The casino is one of the locations for Lethbridge residents to purchase lottery tickets, and also provides the self-checkers to confirm if the numbers on tickets match the winning numbers drawn.  The casino is also home to hundreds of slot machines, video lottery terminals, table games, and even houses a private poker room.

Once the clerk at the self-checker scanned the ticket and Joanne realized exactly how much money she and her husband had won, needless to say, she was stunned.  However, the Thompsons believe that good fortune should be shared as best as it can, and have decided to donate portions of their winnings to charities and causes they feel passionate about.  They also plan to retire and set up savings accounts to help out their family.

It will likely take a while for the fourth largest lotto 649 jackpot to accumulate, but even more interesting is the odds of another Alberta victory draw.

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