Women Loses $8.5 in Winnings At Lucky Eagle Casino

Lucky Eagle Casino

GoiLucky Eagle Casinong to a casino is an exhilarating experience. Imagine playing a slot machine and winning the big prize only to be told that there was a machine malfunction and you weren’t going to win after all. That is exactly what happened to Veronica Castillo when she visited the Lucky Eagle Casino in Washington. She was on a social trip to spend time with her mother. Their evening of fun turned into quite the fiasco when she won and then it was taken away. It wasn’t just a little bit of money were talking about either, she won $8.5 million dollars.

The stunned Castillo couldn’t believe that she was the winner. Imagine yourself in her position. She got to be a millionaire for about five minutes when the staff at the casino told her that her winnings were only $10.50. Feeling cheated and very upset, she became very angry. She looked at all the people around her and realized how much money this casino was taking in. It was their fault if the machine malfunctioned and not hers. Joseph Dupuis is a spokesperson for the casino and he said that it wasn’t legally possible to win that much money on this game. The game only had a maximum payout of $6,000. The large win was impossible.

Still angered, Castillo wants her money. It seems a third party has got involved to settle the dispute. The creator of the machine is looking into the cause and trying to determine why the machine has made such a grievous error. Don’t look for her to take this lying down whatever the verdict. She hired a lawyer and they are bringing a case against the casino for the sum of $8.5 million. Not only does she want to get what is coming to her, but she also wants to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.

The big question is how a judge will view the matter. If you go into a grocery store and they advertise a price that is incorrect, they still give it to you at that price because it was their error. Using the same analogy, a judge could view that it was their error and they should have to pay for it. This could get really interesting if the casino is ordered to pay the funds. They could in return go back on the ones who made the machine and make them liable for the money. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a big and tough battle. Castillo is not going to back down from this. A settlement may be offered and may be enough to calm her down a bit. However, being a big winner and then having it pulled away is a huge ordeal.