US Government Reverses Anti-Gambling Laws

Across America, state governments have been working hard to legalize online gambling in an attempt to increase government revenue. On a federal level, politicians like Barney Frank tried hard to pass a law that would reverse the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Their efforts have proven fruitless over the years, but the federal government is finally giving in. 

It seems our neighbours to the south are leaning towards the option of legalizing online gambling. Just recently, the Department of Justice deemed that the Wire Act 1961 does not actually make it illegal to gamble online. According to the DoJ, the act applies to sportsbetting but other forms of gambling are allowed. 

I. Nelson Rose, a gaming law expert and consultant has stated that this new development could make way for legalized online gambling across the United States. In his blog, Gambling and the Law, he states that the redefinition of the Act “eliminates almost every federal anti-gambling law that could apply to gaming that is legal under state laws”. 

So far, only lotteries have been named as acceptable online gambling websites; however, this does open up many opportunities for growth in the market. In Canada, several local lotteries have launched their own online gambling websites, bringing in valuable revenue for provincial governments. It seems that state government will go the same route, likely causing a boom in America’s online gambling market. 


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