To Get Back Into The Game, Steve Wynn Is Changing His Casino Around

The 2014-2015 year was a bad one for Wynn Resorts. They were hit harder than any other casino in the business of gambling, why? The Macau gaming market collapsed and its lion share of Wynn Resorts came from Macau. Also, they didn’t see many Asian gamblers heading to Las Vegas to gamble.

The Chinese government became more strict and started tightening the reins of Chinese citizens’ debt when they gambled. Steve Wynn – billionaire casino mogul – reported that they had lost $150 million for the lack of Asian gambler traffic.

They were burned so bad by the lack of gamblers, that Steve Wynn decided to change the rules and layout of his casino. He is hoping to gain some kind of profits – even if they’re small – and bring in some more clientele along with that profit.

What Are The Casino Changes?
It has been reported that their layout of the floor of the casino has been changed. The location of the higher-yield games has been moved, they are now in more flashy spots. The location of destination-type games – such as craps – has changed as well, they are now in more secondary location.
The dice games – also known as the three-four-five-game – have had amounts of the free odds, changed. They have also changed a number of odds a customer gets if they want to double the odds.
They have claimed to make a lot more changes and have been able to gain some small profits from these simple changes. For example, they were able to profit up their margins in the table games.
Steve Wynn is known to have superior knowledge in the game of gambling. He knows every in and out there is to know about making a casino successful. He has found a way to get more money from his existing customers and isn’t looking for a way to gain his Asian customers back. He isn’t looking for big profits, right now his attention is set at making any kind of profit.