Sportsbooks Launch Odds on Outcome of Quebec Student Strike

Online sportsbooks give punters the chance to bet on just about everything nowadays. In addition to offering odds on sports and athletic-related events, bookies are now giving players the chance to wager on entertainment and political events. Recently, a Canadian sportsbook has given players across the country the chance to wager on the outcome of the Quebec student strike. 

Today marks the 100th day of the Quebec student strike. In February 2012, the strike began, as students protested the increase of tuition from $2100 per year to more than $3700. Social sciences students at Laval University led the strike, which reached its peak when over 160 000 students were refusing to attend classes. 

The protest has gained international attention. Several other events, showing solidarity, have taken place in the biggest cities across North America, including New York and Toronto. In Montreal, a march recently took place which saw more than 200 000 individuals express their support for the cause.

There seems to be no end in sight; however, one local sportsbook is already taking wagers on how the Quebec student strike will end. According to 680 News, there are several options available for punters. Players can wager on whether the government will back down or the possibility of a referendum being held on the matter. There is even the option to wager on whether the local government will declare martial law. 

The Quebec Student Protests are heating up, and the world is watching. All eyes are on the French-speaking province, waiting to see how the events will unfold. 


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