New Scarface Online Slots

Movie-themed slots are becoming incredibly popular in the online casino world, with casino developers creating games based on today’s best blockbuster films. IGT’s Star Trek and Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings have set a trend in today’s market, encouraging other operators to create movie-themed slots. 

Now, Net Entertainment is taking a bit of a retro approach to the situation, designing a new online slots game based on the cult classic, Scarface. The movie has become renowned in the film industry, serving as the inspiration for directors like Quentin Tarantino, and earning a great deal of praise from movie critics. 

The new Scarface online slots game is a traditional 5-reel machine. It features clips and sounds from the movie, creating a more authentic feel for players. When wins are awarded, the symbols becoming animated and display scenes from the movie, immersing the player in a new and exciting world. 

Scarface online slots also has a unique bonus round, based on the iconic shoot-out scene which occur at the end of the film. Players must take on the role of Tony Montana as he faces gangsters in an epic shootout in his mansion. 

Net Entertainment is one of the lesser-known online slots developers on the market today. However, this new game will certainly help to put its name on the map. 


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