South Africa Government Taxes Gambling Winnings

Recently, South Africa has been struggling with its gambling laws. The government wants to discourage players from taking part in online casino games, but has had a great deal of difficulty enforcing these laws. Now, politicians in the country are considering imposing steep taxes on gambling winnings to help fight excessive gambling among players.

Starting in April 2011, anyone who wins over 25 000 Rands by playing the lottery, sportsbetting or casino games will be required to pay a 15% duty on their winnings. Politicians state that this will bring South Africa’s gambling laws in line with other gaming markets, such as the United States and hope that the new tax will prevent players from gambling excessively.

This is just the latest effort by the South African government to discourage gambling in the country. For the past year, government officials have implemented a wide range of laws that aim to stop players from taking part in gambling activities across the country. Fines for players and operators have been introduced, in addition to a ban that prohibits gambling advertisements from airing on television during the day.

Despite all of these efforts, gambling activity in South Africa continues to increase. A recent report revealed that more and more players are logging on to online casino websites without regard to the newly implemented gambling laws.

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