Soulja Boy Signs Deal with World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc

Soulja BoySoulja Boy (DeAndre Cortez Way) recently announced his 5 year, $400-million-dollar deal with World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc on Twitter. As one of social media’s most influential urban entertainers, it is no wonder why such a young artist would be sought out to be the brand ambassador for this online gaming company.

Soulja Boy, only 25 years old, made is big debut in 2007 with his hit song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”. Since then he has produced numerous other radio hits like: “Kiss Me Through the Phone”, “Turn My Swag On”, and “Pretty Boy Swag”. His social media following of 15 million plus is just another testament to his success. He even made it onto Forbe’s list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings back in 2010 when he brought in $7 million that year.

World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc was incorporated in 2002 in the state of Delaware. As an online social gaming platform, WPFH is comprised of four asset holdings: M&A of online and traditional gaming operators, media assets Proprietary online gaming technology, and the development of online gaming brands. Along with their most recent addition of In-Fight Casino, WPFH is the backbone for gaming sites like Celebrity World, Poker Tribe, and Live Dealer. This booming company is only expected to grow with their newest brand ambassador, Soulja Boy, now part of the team. The publicist for World Poker Fund Holdings, Matthew Bird, agreed by saying “The world of marketing is changing, today’s biggest influencers are not brands, but individuals who create content that drive loyalty and brand sentiment. We no longer are fed content from major news networks — we seek it out and consume it by individual influencers that enrich our lifestyles. Soulja Boy represents the best of the best and we are already seeing the impact from his presence.”

Now along with Soulja Boy’s other accomplishments as a rapper, actor, record producer and entrepreneur, he can add brand ambassador and investor to the list. It’s no surprise that 50 Cent, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Nas’s recent success in this area was part of his inspiration to dive head first into this world of opportunity. However, his boast of $400 million may have been a little misleading. With a market capitalization of only $52 million, it can leave one asking how WPFH can cut a deal of $400 million. Simply put, the deal has a cap of $400 million, including revenue sharing and stocks. Even though this is obviously not a fully cash transaction, based on forward-thinking evaluation of the company the potential is there. The next 5 years are looking pretty bright for this young star.