Endemol TV Producer to Enter Online Gambling Market

Endemol, the popular television producer behind such popular shows as Deal or No Deal and Big Brother, has opened a new gaming division with the purpose of creating online casino games. The company plans to put a new twist on the online gambling market by bringing fresh ideas and relevant pop culture content to the industry.

Jurian Van de Meer, head of the new Division is confident that the news games created will attract a great deal of business. Because the company’s existing television shows already have huge fan bases, Endemol Games products are sure to appeal to a wide range of players.

The company will also license its own products and those of other third-party companies. It seems that Endemol is seeking to produce a well-rounded business entity in the online gambling market, which has been a successful tactic for some of the biggest brands in the industry today.

Endemol’s first jump into the market was in May with 888 online casino, a partnership that allowed them to invest in Italy’s online gambling industry. Endemol will soon provide 888 with Deal or No Deal and Big Brother games, which will certainly put both companies in opportune positions in Europe’s online gambling market.

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