Six MaxMillions Tickets Win In February 28 Draw But No Jackpot Winner

Canadian lottery players eagerly awaited Friday night’s Lotto Max draw that had the potential to award $70 million in prizes.  But for the third consecutive week, there was no winner of the Lotto Max jackpot, and only six of the separate MaxMillions prizes were awarded to players.

The Lotto Max jackpot is capped off at $50 million, with any additional revenue from ticket sales pooled into separate MaxMillions prizes that are each worth $1 million.  The longer that the main jackpot remains is left unclaimed, the more MaxMillions prizes are also up for grabs.

Over the last three weeks, the jackpot has remained at $50 million, and subsequently the total number of MaxMillions prizes grew to twenty for the February 28 draw.  But players will have to wait until at least March 7 to see if any lucky Canadian will become $50 million richer.

However, six of the MaxMillions prizes were awarded to players across the country.  Four Ontario players will receive $500,000 each from two of the MaxMillions prizes.  The numbers for two other prizes matched two tickets sold in Nova Scotia.  Another prize will be awarded to a player in Manitoba, while the final prize matched a ticket sold in British Columbia.

According to Lotto Max, the number of MaxMillions prizes for the March 7 draw will grow to thirty as players again attempt to claim the $50 million jackpot prize.  Be sure to buy your ticket before 9pm EST on March 7, and you may be the lucky player to finally win the prize.

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