Potential Insider Win For Lotto 649


A few years ago, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation found itself in some very hot water. Executives were spending company money frivolously while insider wins ran rampant across the province. The drama has been reigned in recently, thanks to some new, stringent restrictions on employees. While the new rules are generally a good thing, they have come in between a Ngoc Duy Nguyen and his $11 million Lotto 649 jackpot prize.
In this particular instance, it is unfortunate that Nguyen works at a variety store. Even though he has purchased his ticket legally, his profession means that he will need to be investigated before the prize money can be awarded to him.
The OLG’s Insider Wins process is stringent, ensuring that individuals who work for lottery retailers cannot fake wins. As part of the procedure, all insider wins must be publically announced and undergo an independent investigation. The funds must be held for thirty days after the win was made, giving the general public time to come forward just in case there was any wrongdoing.
This is not the first time a lottery employee has lawfully won a lottery jackpot in Ontario, as it has already happened three times in 2012 alone; however, the level of fraud that had taken place years ago has forced the OLG to enforce strict Insider Win policies. So, it is entirely likely that Nguyen is the rightful owner of his $11 million prize. He simply has to go through the motions before he can claim the jackpot.


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