March Madness Rife With Upset Victories

Sports bettors love to gamble on an upset, especially when the odds on an upset team pay off with a high stakes reward.  This year’s NCAA March Madness witnessed its fair share of upsets in the first round, and gambling pundits and analysts expect the next round will appreciate its own share of upset victories.

Before the tournament began, players were encouraged to avoid betting on the top seeds.  Over the last few years, the top ranked teams rarely survived beyond the first few rounds, and analysts predicted lower ranked teams would successfully challenge the division leaders in this year’s event as well. 

Three of the top ranked teams did survive the preliminary eliminations, but the Gonzaga Bulldogs, ranked at the head of the pack heading into the tournament, were eliminated by the ninth ranked Wichita State Shockers in a surprise upset that reflected the unpredictability of March Madness.

Perhaps most surprising is the Eagles from Florida Gulf Coast University, which shockingly defeated the teams from Georgetown and San Diego state.  The Eagles were ranked in the 15th seed heading into the tournament, yet they already achieved the distinction of being the first 15th seed to survive to the top 16.  Nevertheless, analysts predict the Eagles next tip off against their divisional rivals, the Florida Gators, will result in the Gators clipping the Eagles wings.

But sports bettors are enthusiastic about the young team from the Gulf Coast, which scored 157 points in its first two games of the tournament.  The young team impresses upon fans outstanding offensive prowess, and the surprising show of strength is rewarding bettors who put money on the faith in talent within the young team.  The offensive line will be tested against the strong Gators’ defense, which allowed only 111 points in its first two games and comprises the third ranked defensive scoring line in the entire NCAA.

Gamers expect March Madness will witness more upset victories in the push for the finals, while bookmakers hope the odds remain in their favours. 

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