SkyCity Has Truly Great Plans for New Hotel Expansion


skycityThe SkyCity Entertainment Group has a very large presence in Australia. Soon, the casino the company owns in Adelaide is about to get even bigger. SkyCity wants to give the casino a makeover, and wishes to expand the gaming emporium. Approvals are required for projects such as these. No one was sure if SkyCity was going to get the much-needed go-ahead on the deal.

The Adelaide commission seems to be on the side of SkyCity. Approvals have been issued and the massive $300 million projects is a go. Since the casino is connected to the historic Adelaide railway station, worries existed that an expansion of the casino could create major problems. Sections of the railway station would have to be wrecked in order to perform the required work. This certainly gave the commission pause for thought. The Development Assessment Commission (DAC) did not outright dismiss the request made by the casino, and a lot of careful consideration went into the eventual decision. That decision is in the favor of the SkyCity Entertainment Group.

The $300 million project is an ambitious one. The goal of the project is to build a new hotel with 80 luxury rooms. The view from the hotel is slated to be a grand one. The Torrens river would be right outside the hotel. A room with a view is always appealing to tourists and travelers. SkyCity would draw in a lot of visitors with the new hotel.

The approval for the building project does come with a few conditions. The DAC did not give SkyCity absolutely approval to handle the project in any way it sees fit. The historic area will be protected during the construction.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure gains final say on what is going to be demolished during the creation of the hotel. Photographs have to be presented to the office along with all plans focusing on the entrance and the podium. Government officials did not yet give their full approval. Full approval is going to be granted after a review of the photo evidence and, even then, certain conditions have to be met.

SkyCity surely will meet those conditions without any complaints. The profit potential from the hotel is too great to not be flexible. All of those guests are going to be patrons of the casino, and that could lead to amazing revenue flow.

The $300 million projects expects to draw in domestic and international customers. The location of the new hotel combined with the positive reputation of SkyCity casinos is sure to pull these people to the venue.

The official greenlight on the project should be coming in the coming weeks. At that point, the ambitious project can commence.