PokerStars’ “StarsCard” Prepaid Mastercard Now Available to UK-Located Players

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Poker Stars_0Last April 16, 2015, PokerStars rolled out an exclusive “StarsCard” payment option in the UK online gambling market. “StarsCard” is a versatile online payment option backed by MasterCard’s prepayment facility, and SafeCharge’s online payment technology. PokerStars customers can use their “StarsCard” account or “StarsCard” Prepaid MasterCard not only as method of depositing or withdrawing funds to and from their PokerStars account, but also for online, and offline payment transactions with any store or facility that accepts MasterCard.

Currently,” StarsCard” is available only to PokerStars UK-located customers. PokerStars player have to register first for a “StarsCard” account at the Cashier section of the website. A “StarsCard” account will be set up after the registering customer’s game account has been verified as funded and his or her PokerStars ID passes verification procedures. Once the PokerStars-branded payment option has been set up, players can immediately place funds to their gaming account by drawing directly from their UK bank account. The “StarsCard” physical prepaid MasterCard has a one-time fee of £4.95, and will be delivered to customers by mail.

All financial transactions entered and completed through the use of the PokerStars-issued “StarsCard” will be under the professional management services of SafeCharge Card Services Ltd, the Dublin-based subsidiary of SafeCharge International Group Limited. SafeCharge gives assurance that they will also launch the “StarsCard” payment option in other international markets; although no future date was stated.

In announcing the launch of the “StarsCard” payment solution, SafeCharge described the PokerStars offering as a well protected online and offline payment method that is accessible to PokerStars customers via web and mobile gaming account. Aside from direct bank fund transfers, the “StarsCard” account can be funded by way of e-vouchers and other debit cards. It combines all the regular and convenient features of an e-wallet, such as allowing “StarsCard” holders to withdraw cash, as well as spend and/or send money online to friends and family members. PokerStars customers can also use it to facilitate player-to-player fund transfers.

The “StarsCard” Frequent Player Points (FPPs) Bonus

In line with the launch of the new “StarsCard” payment option, PokerStars also introduced the “StarsCard” Frequent Player Points (FPPs) Bonus Rewards. “StarsCard” holders who spend a minimum monthly of £30 for both online and offline purchases receive (FPPs) based on the rewards scheme of a player’s “StarsCard” membership status. The FPPs are automatically added to a “StarsCard” holder’s player account for which a monthly statement will be furnished, allowing players to keep track of the total FPPs accumulated for the month.

Bronze, Chrome, Silver, Gold and Platinum “StarsCard” holders receive one (1) FPP for every £3.00 spent in purchasing goods and/or services using their “StarsCard” Prepaid MasterCard or “StarsCard” online account. Supernova and Super Elite “StarsCard” holders receive two (2) FPPs for every £3.00 spent for purchases using their “StarsCard” Prepaid MasterCard or “StarsCard” online account.

At PokerStars and as a VIP Club member, FPPs are used to purchase items available only at the PokerStars Store. Such items include buy-in fees for PokerStars tournaments, PokerStars-branded clothing, baseball caps, and other PokerStars exclusive items like poker chips sets and poker books.