Microgaming Casinos Add New Level of Security

Keeping their customers safe and secure is a top priority for online casino operators. That’s why they’re always looking for new security system, to ensure that players are not at risk of fraud or being cheated.

Microgaming has recently taken another step towards creating a completely secure gaming environment, by installing a new fraud management system at its online casinos.

With Fraud Guard 4, operators will be able to view and analyze all transactions to and from customers from around the world, allowing them to catch any suspicious behavior quickly and easily. All transactions will be displayed in real time, so fraud can be caught as it is taking place. This new system is expected to cut down on a great deal of fraud, being able to stop it in its tracks and hopefully discourage scam artists.

“Having flexible, real-time payment and fraud management processes means gaming companies can give a better service to more players and protect themselves from fraud,” says Michael Norton, Manager of PayPoint.

It is great to see that online casino operators are taking so much initiative in fighting fraud in the online gambling industry. It will certainly help to boost the industry’s reputation and convince those with doubts of the safe and secure nature of online casinos.

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