PokerStars Promotes Freeroll Twitter Tournament For Cash Prize Reward

Socially engaged online poker fans in Canada and around the world can enter into a special tournament where the prize pool grows with each passing day.  PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room, is holding a special Freeroll tournament on September 15 in which the prize pool grows based on the number of people who enter to compete.

The Freeroll tournament is available to all registered PokerStars accountholders.  Each willing participant is required to deposit a minimum of $10 into their online poker accounts using a special bonus code ‘TWITTERWCOOP,’ a Twitter handle for the upcoming PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker.  Once the deposit is made, a seat is reserved at one of the poker tables on September 15.

PokerStars put up $5,000 for the Freeroll tournament, and expects the prize pool to grow by $500 per day up until September 15 when the tournament begins.  Fans are asked to visit the PokerStars Twitter account, where the account managers will tweet a series of challenges to be completed.  Tournament participants are asked to complete these challenges, and request their own Twitter followers to participate as well.  As each daily challenge is completed, PokerStars will add an extra $500 to the Freeroll tournament prize pool.

The Freeroll tournament is a special event occurring alongside the World Championship of Online Poker, which begins September 8 and lasts until September 29.  The Championship event includes upwards of $40 million in cash prizes.  Players in legally regulated markets, like Canada are invited to participate in both the Freeroll and World Championship events – get your chips ready!

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