Ontario Lottery Players Cash In On $20 Million Lotto 649 Jackpot Prize

The Lotto 649 $20 million jackpot was drawn this weekend, and the results of the draw were especially beneficial for players in Ontario.  According to the OLG, winning tickets for the six largest prizes from the game were sold across the province, including the jackpot ticket.

The identities of the winning players are unknown at this time, but the OLG did confirm the jackpot ticket was sold somewhere in the region surrounding Ottawa.  The jackpot prize was tallied at slightly over $20 million, and the winning ticketholder will be able to claim their prize at OLG headquarters in Toronto later this week.

Many other Ontario players proved fortunate on the draw as well.  The OLG says the second largest prize was split four ways across Canada by players who collectively held winning tickets.  Two of those players were noted to be in Ontario, with another living in Quebec, and the final winner located in BC.  Each of the four prizes will amount to approximately $80,000.

The Lotto 649 Encore bonus was also shining on Ontario in this draw.  The special $1 million Encore ticket was sold to a player in Peterborough.  Two other players, one in Sudbury and one in Toronto, also held tickets that matched the numbers for $100,000 Encore prizes.

The next Lotto 649 draw will be held on Wednesday November 20 with a minimum $5 million prize up for grabs, though early expectations suggest that jackpot could be slightly larger.  Players will also be able to compete in the special $1 million prize draw for a secondary chance at becoming a millionaire.

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