Online Sportsbooks Speculate On Futures of Chris Bosh and Lebron James

Normally, July is not a popular time for basketball sportsbetting, but this year, as three of the hottest basketball players become free agents, websites like BoDog and Bwin. With all of the speculation surrounding the futures of Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James will end up, online sportsbooks have taken this as an opportunity to capitalize off of the curiosity and excitement of basketball fans.

Chris Bosh has announced that he will, indeed, be moving to Miami, although the public has not been informed as to whether or not he will talk the team into a sign-and-trade. Although online sportsbooks have yet to offer odds on Bosh’s future, basketball fans are certainly taking part in office pools to speculate.

If James, Bosh and Wade are willing to accept a pay cut, they could make The Heat into an instant championship winner. However, James has yet to confirm anything. His decision will be announced during a one-hour special on ESPN, aptly titled “The Decision”. There are plenty of options for him, as he could move to the Knicks, The Heat, The Bulls or The Nets. With all of these choices, online sportsbooks are raking in a great deal of cash from basketball fans who have been following the free agency since the beginning of July.

No one is sure how this is all going to play out, but we believe there will be some shocking surprises in store.

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