Iceland Offers Mobile Gambling Games

You would expect a tiny country like Iceland to be stuck in the past, but that’s not the case when it comes to online gaming. Iceland has become the latest European country to offer mobile gambling, surging ahead of many larger countries.

Íslensk Getspá is the country’s national lottery provider, and it has signed an agreement with Betware to offer resident access to gambling games from their mobile phones. The agreement states that the country’s Lotto and Viking Lotto services will be available through mobile networks.

The software will be launched by the end of this year, but Betware is already devising its plan of action. There will be several interesting features that users of the new system will be able to take advantage of. For example, players will have access to their own personal lottery accounts and will be able to use a mobile e-wallet to make their purchases. Additionally, users will also have access to view their account history and lottery results.

There are big things in store for the new mobile lottery offering in Iceland. Once the mobile platform is up and running, the national lottery will look at the option of offering mobile sportsbetting and mobile casino games.

Some of the biggest countries in Europe are still convinced that banning online gambling is the way to go, but they should take a lesson from Iceland and embrace the technology.

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