OLG Launches New Jackpot Prize

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has launched a new jackpot prize to pique player interest during the month of October. For the next four weeks, players have the chance of winning a $100 000/year prize for life. The news of this new scheme has players all over Ontario excited and sales for the weekly draw have increased tremendously. 

The lottery’s sales also seem to have been helped out by the recent win by Olga and Linton Barnes. This couple from Conception Bay South recently won $21 million, one of the biggest prize that the OLG has awarded in recent history. Although the upcoming jackpot prize is just $3.5 million, the news of this huge win has certainly encouraged more players to try their hand at winning the local lottery. 

The $100 000 is just available throughout October, so players are eager to buy their tickets. The usual Cash for Life scratch cards award players $1000 a week for life, amounting to over $50 000 per year. With this new prize being twice that amount, players are excited to vie for the chance to win. 

The OLG is always looking for new ways to encourage players to take part in the local lottery, and this new prize scheme seems to be a very successful tactic. With sales skyrocketing, the OLG has made a great decision. 

Players will have nine chances to take part in this new draw. Winners will have the choice of accepting a lump sum in the amount of $1.5 million or taking $100 000/year. 


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