Nextgen Just Launched To the Rescue Slot Machine

to the rescue slot screenshot big

to-the-rescueInnovation is perhaps one of those things all of us are looking to find in a daily basis, trying to achieve the next big product or the next big thing is maybe the biggest desire of this generation, there is a company that, as improbable as it may sound, delivers day after day incredible and innovative products in a constant manner, the folks at NextGen Gaming. They have developed To the Rescue and, in my opinion, is one the games of the year.

This title is based in a city full of danger and fire and your job, as a proven firefighter, is to extinguish the flames while you’re taking your chances in the slot. The background is set with all the elements to induce the feeling of being in danger, it is done beautifully and with so class that you gotta give them a round of applause for this layout.

The slot machines world is so crowded and with such a fierce competition that is always a pleasure to encounter this kind of games, giving the industry a whole new different approach, maintaining the classic elements that we, as players, love so much.

What We Love

First and foremost, the layout, as I said it earlier, is incredible well done. Such a distinctive and picturesque environment with the most courageous theme is a combination blessed with enormous success.  The accomplished idea behind this project in terms of drawings and symbols rounds-up this visual experience.

As a firefighter your duty is to save civilians and in this burning building you have the chance while you try to get a huge jackpot from this 5 reel and 25 payline game, the sole fact that the idea behind is focused in a value long forgotten in our society; solidarity is one of the highest points in this game.

to the rescue slot screenshot big

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In terms of playability the interaction that this game has with the player is outstanding, really remarkable.  The Rescue Bonus is their biggest feature, in this place you’ll be given the chance to save a kid from the flames, the only thing that you need to do is to choose correctly where he is going to pop out.

Free spins, wilds and multipliers. I think everyone would agree that they’re the core of a slot machine, don’t we all love them? But, surprisingly there are many developers that don’t include them in some titles, not in this case. They have spectaculars combinations with their symbols.

The choice behind the features is also remarkable, for instance the game’s wild is the symbol of a fireman spraying a hose, with a square jam and lot of charisma. The scatter is the ringing bell and is more than perfect because it gives you a 2x multiplier alongside the possibility of ten free games. Lets face it, we all love free games.

What We Don’t Love

Even though they have done a marvelous job in the making of this title, perhaps those high-rollers out there could be a little bit disappointed because there aren’t any progressive jackpots and you need to interact and combine several things to win big.

Worth Playing?

Definitely, this is a solid performance from NextGen in every aspect. In a market like this one the companies that take a chance to overthrow the status quo or the way that things traditionally have been made would get a strong support from the players.

This is an era of interaction, even for a classic game as a slot machine. The times where you only push a button have ended. It will still remain the classic approach of this games, but the interaction is only going to improve. Have fun!

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