100 Billion Hands And Counting On PokerStars

PokerStars reached a milestone yesterday by dealing its 100 billionth hand of online poker.  The landmark hand paid out over $103,000 to the winner, while also distributing over $2 million in cash prizes to all players who were online the moment the 100 billionth hand was dealt.

The landmark hand was watched over by dozens of players who are sponsored by Team PokerStars, who all posted congratulations to the winner and the online poker room for the momentous occasion.  The winner is only known by the account name “microulis69,” who in receiving $103,800 in prize money on the hand, received the largest prize for one specific hand.

The 100 billionth hand occurred at the Euryalos XI poker table, which hosted the maximum number of six players at the moment the hand was dealt.  The table froze for a moment to inform the players of the momentous occasion, and in honour of the moment, all players went all in prior to the flop to make the 100 billionth hand memorable.

On the flop, the A, 2, and J of clubs flipped up on the table.  Microulis69 landed a pair of Jacks, while two other players at the table flopped a flush draw.  However, four out of five clubs was as close as players got to the flush, as the turn card flipped up the 9 of diamonds, while the river ended up as the 10 of diamonds.  In the end, the pair of Jacks held by microulis69 was enough to win the hand, which won the player the pot as well as the $103,800 reward prize.

PokerStars began running promotions through various online casinos and internet gambling forums on June 7 as a lead in to the 100 billionth hand milestone event.  However, PokerStars will continue running promotions throughout the rest of June, which will allow players to earn cash rewards in a variety of online poker tournaments.

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