NYX Gaming Enhances Poker Products in Italy with Addition of Instant Rewards Tool

NYX Gaming, the iGaming company that acquired the Ongame Poker Network from the Amaya Group last year, will be adding the Ongame Instant Rewards feature to NYX’s Italy-facing online poker products. Designed and built by former Ongame Poker owner Amaya as an achievement engine, it is a tool used by operators to boost player activity.

As a built-in feature of the Ongame Poker platform, Instant Rewards is part of the acquisition inventory covered by the NYX Gaming and the Amaya Group purchase agreement. In becoming a NYX poker product, NYX’s Ongame Poker licensee operators can activate the functions with a simple click, and without need for additional integration process, requiring extra set-up costs. The Instant Rewards tool takes inspiration from the concept of social gaming, aiming to incentivize recreational poker players with recognition and extra rewards for actions completed while working toward the goal of winning the prize pool.

A flexible achievement system that enables operators to configure a variety of challenges for players engaged in games offered across the network, it pays out rewards in real time to those who succeed in completing such challenges. The challenges or missions could include anything from having a pair of Aces in a winning hand, or winning three hands in succession while having a pair of Kings, or even losing a hand with a pair of Aces on a Saturday night special.

Instant Rewards supports all types of real money poker products including those offered for mobile gaming, and proven to work just as well in ring or cash games just as it would in poker tournaments. To which participating players receive in real time, corresponding payout rewards such as cash credits or free tournament buy-ins, all based on the challenges completed during the poker game engagement.

It has a Progress Bar indicating the line-up of players already close to achieving the challenges, to which players will in turn receive notification about their progress and about any mission or challenge successfully completed. The corresponding reward/s will then be available immediately to a successful player.

At a time when the Ongame Poker Network was still a subsidiary of Amaya Gaming, Fredrik Kjell, the Head of Poker for Ongame Network Ltd. had explained that Instant Rewards see the many achievements attained by poker players during their game sessions. Many of whom actually do not make money out playing poker but only do so for the recreational thrill of experiencing fulfillment, and of attaining mastery of the game.

In announcing the activation of the Instant Rewards system for the NYX-operated OnGame Poker Network in Italy, David Flynn, the EVP of Business Development at NYX Gaming said that they have elevated the excitement of poker games one lever further, as they have added personal challenges for players to fulfill, whilst receiving prizes for their achievements. He added that bringing the elements of social gaming to the real money poker community in Italy, strengthens their customers’ ability in marketing their poker products, in retaining their poker players and in realizing greater profitability.

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