New Reality Show Focuses On Poker Pros

Today, there is a reality TV show that follows the life of just about every type of person: housewives, bakers, polygamists and more. Now, the poker world is making its way to the small screen with a new series called Young Guns.
The show will document the lives of four professional poker players living in Los Angeles: Chris Sparks, Chris Jackson, Seth Otterstad and Jarran Joshu. Shot in a similar way to other popular reality television shows like The Real World, Young Guns will see all four poker pros living under the same roof, which is a sure-fire recipe for drama.
Young Guns follows up on the success of “2 Months $2 Million”, a show where a set of poker pros set out to win $2 million in 60 days. Unfortunately, the crew won just over $500K, causing the series to be cancelled after one season.
While the ratings for 2 Months $2 Million dropped significantly over time, the producers behind Young Guns have a strategy that will incite exciting among viewers to keep them watching. Rather than focusing on a goal to win a certain amount of money in poker games over time, the show focuses on their everyday lives, giving viewers a glimpse into the way a real poker pro lives. 

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