Microgaming Shocks the World with Virtual Reality Gambling


MicrogamingMicrogaming is one of the most innovative of all the casino gaming providers and developers. Microgaming has come up with a number of the most brilliant games available. The technical achievements of Microgaming do contribute to the company creating amazing gaming platforms both casinos and players are pleased with. Now, Microgaming is taking things to the next level. The company will be integrating virtual reality video new games. The arrival of VR Roulette heralds in this new phase in casino gaming.

VR Roulette is intended to be used with the Oculus Rift headset. Once a person puts on this headset, a casino totally comes to life. The Oculus Rift literally streams video to the retinas of the eyes. Once this happens, the person watching through the headset is brought right into a virtually reality world. Next to being in an actual casino, nothing gets more real.

The new technology made its debut at the ICE 2016 event. Microgaming had a full display of the 3D gaming advancements. The roulette game is most definitely not the only virtual reality release the company is planning. Microgaming’s research and development division is hard at work on a slate of games. VR Roulette’s appearance at ICE 2016 was intended to present the public with a glimpse of things to come.

The debut of the 2016 platform builds on what the company presented in 2015. In the prior year, the company utilized “Google Glass Betting” to show how wearable technology can be integrated into the online gaming experience. Prior achievements have been built upon and, surely, the company will continue to build on all accomplishments.

The sophistication of the VR Roulette software is incredibly advanced. Hand movement is tracked through the technology to further deliver a tremendously realistic experience. The whole realm of 3D gaming is now opened to those who like to play casino games. A lot of curious questions are now likely be asked about this future. Worry not about finding some answers. Microgaming has produced a video on the subject.

The video goes into fantastic detail about what Microgaming has planned for the coming year. Likely, the video only scratches the surface of what is soon to come. Technology builds on prior achievements, and 2017 may end up debuting stunningly advanced material.

Microgaming is well on its way to changing the way people approach gambling. The legacy of this company is sure to be a proud one.