Kentucky Lawmakers Challenge PokerStars Right To Reentry In US

PokerStars is up against an ongoing legal challenge in New Jersey over the online poker room’s right to entry into the online gambling market in the Garden State.  But the reputation of PokerStars is under an even greater threat in Kentucky,

Lawmakers in the Midwest state want to seize the PokerStars domain, and prevent the site from reentering the US.  Kentucky originally filed a motion in 2008 requesting the Justice Department seize the url of PokerStars and its affiliates, arguing the site was operating illegally in the US.  Kentucky, along with other states, later settled their claims against PokerStars following the Black Friday scandal of 2011.

Following New Jersey’s legalization of online gambling and PokerStars widely publicized interest in establishing a foothold in the Garden State, Kentucky lawmakers once again stepped up their opposition to PokerStars.  Kentucky argues that PokerStars is in the end, a tool for gambling similar to a slot machine or a roulette wheel, which is condemned by the state’s very conservative government.

In response, PokerStars filed a motion in court to dismiss the case, arguing Kentucky lawmakers are without the authority to seize an international poker domain.  The company also challenges Kentucky’s claims that it functions as a gambling device similar to slots or roulette, as the site is strictly a poker room.  However, PokerStars motion to dismiss the case proved to be in vain as a judge allowed Kentucky’s legal position to stand, indicating the case is likely headed for trial.

PokerStars is committed to reentering the US while its sister site Full Tilt Poker, is undergoing a redesign to include other methods of online gambling, which could better service the Canadian market.  A sponsored poker tournament is scheduled for later this year in Montreal, while PokerStars plans to be live in New Jersey by November.

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