Microgaming Just Launched Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot Machine

bar bar black sheep screenshot big

bar bar black sheep logoBar Bar Black Sheep is one of the few farm themed slot machines that I can get onboard with. The slot offers you action which revolves around a group of sheep living on a farm, one of them being black, the others all white.

The star, in this case, would obviously be the black sheep, but the game is just about farming in general. There is another angle to it, which uses a classic motif, that you can see in some of the symbols which appear on the reels. The slot has 15 fixed lines, on 5 reels. It will pay up to $95,000 cash.

What We Love

First of all, I enjoyed quite a bit the design that Bar Bar Black Sheep uses. The slot’s graphics include images from a farm, a very idyllic look which I’m sure you will appreciate yourself.

The farm and the flock of sheep are visible in the background image, but on the reels, there are classic icons as well. The farming symbols include the two types of sheep, a red barn and products like eggplants, corn or watermelon, while the classic ones have Bar symbols and oranges.

The name of the game was inspired by one of the slot’s features, which requires two bar symbols and one black sheep to appear, on the same row and adjacent to each other.

If those three symbols line up as the title says, a mini-game starts up, turning the three positions into three tiny reels. They spin and give you numbers, up to 9 in each case. The best possible payout would be 999x, and it would apply to the line bet amount.

bar bar black sheep screenshot big

Access to free spins is offered as well, provided that you get at least three symbols on the reels which have the Free Spins logo and the sack of flour. The reward would consist of 10 free spins and 3x multipliers for all wins.

A wild symbol was introduced in the game as well, represented by the logo with Bar Bar Black Sheep written on it. As all wilds do, this one also substitutes for other symbols when it appears in their spot on a payline.

The top prizes seem to be good, going up to $95,000 based on what the developer claims, so that is another good reason to try the slot.

What We Do Not Like

Once the game comes out, we will see if there are any downsides with the slot’s payouts or features, but so far everything looks good.

Worth Playing?

Thanks to the humor dose that they’ve injected into the slot, and the features which look at least decent, I loved the game and I think it will be a hit once it is released.