Bar bar black sheep

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

Though after a quick first glance you might get the impression that it’s only a farm themed slot, Bar Bar Black Sheep manages to offer a lot more to its players than just a few farm animals. It’s funny as well, with the idea of the lone black sheep in the middle of all the white ones working out quite well for it.

On the reels, the black sheep will resemble the image of an Elvis like character. There is a second side to the slot as well, the one where you get classic icons alongside the ones who do belong on a farm.

The slot’s symbols include red barns, sheep of two types, eggplants, red apples and corn, but they also have among them oranges and Bar icons, which are more on the classic side.


The developer of the game is Microgaming, and they seem to have a winner on their hands with this slot machine. While they have a considerable collection, being around since the mid-90s, Microgaming doesn’t always offer you the best games, mostly because they have some very old ones among them. It’s not the case with Bar Bar Black Sheep though, a game with the right theme, features, and prizes.

How To Play It

Access to the slot’s wagers happens through the Bet section, located at the bottom, next to Credits. You can change the total bet value directly, or you can click on the area’s title to open a new menu, where you can modify the number of coins and their total number. The number of lines seems to be fixed at 15, so that’s something you will not be able to modify. The minimum bet will be $0.15.

I loved the design of the game, with its cute sheep, its produce and things like the red barn. It’s precisely the look that you’d expect from a farm game, and this slot delivers without going over the top. Even the classic symbols look somewhat appropriate for this game, while in others they would have stood out.

Special Features

A symbol with the slot’s logo serves as the wild feature. It’s a normal wild, a symbol which if it lands in the right place it can give you new winning combinations, as long as the rest of the matching symbols are on that payline as well. It’s probably the most common feature to be used in games today.

Free spins are part of the deal as well. You win ten free games, a 3x multiplier, and all you need to get access is to land 3+ scattered Free Spins Logo symbols. The requirement is only for a certain number of icons, not for a particular position so that they can be located anywhere on the slot’s 5 reels.

A third feature used here would be the one that is called the same as the slot, Bar Bar Black Sheep. To activate it, the symbols need to be on one of the three rows of the slot even on different paylines and placed next to each other.

The order is apparently Bar symbol, Bar symbol, Black Sheep symbol. Get them like this, and a mini-slot appears on their positions, spinning numbers up to 9 on each reel. That number multiplies the line bet, and that’s the payout you get, up to 999x.

Maximum Payouts

The developer advertises payouts of up to $95,000, and it’s a pretty good top jackpot to go after. Then again, the slot doesn’t have a lot of paylines, so you’re not going to win very often.

Bar Bar Blacksheep Slot Game
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Bar Bar Blacksheep is a slot game that most people will enjoy, even those that generally don’t care much about farming themed slot machines.