Michael Phelps Continues Venture in Poker World

Earlier this month, it was reported that Michael Phelps was interested in pursuing a career as a professional poker player. Now, it seems as though he is living up to his potential, as a weekend in Vegas earned him $100 000 in poker winnings.
Phelps has recently retired from the world of sports and is reportedly worth an estimated $45 million. So, he certainly has enough capital to make a living in the world of poker as a professional player. Even with a bankroll of just $1 million, he could play some of the highest-staked games in Las Vegas, earning a generous profit each time he plays.
Recent reports have also stated that he has received some poker training from living legend Doyle Brunson. He is one of the pioneers of the modern poker game, so learning from him is truly an invaluable experience for any beginner. It is no wonder that Phelps has fared well in his recent poker ventures, since he has one of the best players coaching him.
Phelps is also the roommate of Jeff Gross, a professional poker player. So, it seems that his interest in poker was piqued quite a while ago. The same competitive spirit that has earned him over 20 Olympic medals is likely to propel him into the world of professional poker. With a professional player as a close friend as a poker legend as a coach, Phelps certainly has a successful career ahead of him.

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