KGC Vows to Help Online Poker Players

 The Alderney Gaming Control Commission recently washed its hands of Full Tilt Poker. After revoking the company’s license, the AGCC announced that players would have to fend for themselves if they hoped to get their money back from Full Tilt. A similar situation took place with Cereus Poker Network sites like Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. Players were left without a solution and had started preparing to kiss their money goodbye, but now the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has stepped in.

Former Cereus players wrote to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, requesting its help, and the commission offered a helping hand. The commission replied to the email from players stating that it was working towards establishing a solution that would help players get their money back. 

This is some of the first good news that online poker players have received in quite some time. With other gambling regulators backing away from complications arising form the Black Friday debacle, it is refreshing to see someone stepping up to help. 

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has stated that it cannot release any details of the negotiations right now, but that it will be posting updates on as soon as it can begin revealing information.


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