Making Movies And TV Shows Into Popular Online Slots

TV Shows Online Slots

When a movie or television show becomes quite popular, it isn’t unusual to see a whole series of items being created in honor of these great forms of entertainment. From action figures and board games, to video games and online casino games the most popular television shows and movies often make their way around the globe. With special patented designs and graphics these television shows and movies become imprinted in the minds of millions.

The popularity of these movies and shows offers a great boon for designers and creators of gaming software. They can buy a license for graphics from a movie or television show and create it into software that rouses the enthusiasm of fans. With all the shows and movies out there one could easily see a stream of opportunities, but there always a few that rise above the pack of popularity and become top in video and casino gaming world.

There are four top television shows and movies that have gone on to be some of the most popular online casino games available today:

Game of Thrones Online Slots

It isn’t surprising that Game of thrones would show up in the top four. It became very popular right after it first aired in 2011 and it shows no signs of stopping. One could readily say that Game of Thrones is one of the top TV shows out there. Because of its popularity, it was quickly recognized as a natural for the gaming world. It was developed into a Slot Machine Game by Microgaming. Like the TV show it quickly became one of the most popular online casino games available. Their online casino slot features a 5-reel slot game and features over 243 different ways that fans can win. Since Microgaming is a top producer of casino games, and since they hold the license for this game it is likely more graphics and games featuring Game of Thrones will become available in the future.

Star Trek

Now, of all the more iconic games available, having Star Trek as part of online casino gaming is a no-brainer. They have been popular as both a TV series and a movie series. It has been arguably the top sci-fi show in the world with Trekkie fans numbering well into the tens of millions across the globe. One of the more popular slot games that has been developed is called Star Trek Red Alert made by WMS. The game has all of the original cast and crew and has the original soundtrack as part of the gaming.

Family Guy

By contrast to the other three, this highly popular TV show is an animated cartoon. It has been ranked as the 6th most popular TV cartoon of all time for adults. Because of its noted popularity it was developed into a series of gaming ventures. It is now featured in console games, mobile games and an online slots game. The slot version was created by IGT and is a popular choice among online gamers.

Battlestar Galactica

Like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica was a TV series and a movie which came out in 1979. It built a great fan base in the sci-fi world like its counterpart Star Trek. It acquired millions of fans as a top military sci-fi series. Microgaming picked up the license for this and developed an online slots game. Players can join Starbuck and Apollo as they play and the game. This is a diverse slot game that offers wonderful graphics for players and gives them 243 different ways to win at the game.