Lotto Max Finally Confirms Winner Of $50 Million Jackpot Prize

After five consecutive Lotto Max jackpot draws with the prize maxed out at $50 million, there is finally a winner of the grand prize.  The winning ticket was reportedly sold somewhere in British Columbia according to the BCLC, while 17 of the MaxMillions prizes are also being claimed.

The prize pool for Friday night’s draw was a whopping $100 million, only the sixth time in Lotto Max history that so much money has been on the line.  There was a lot of anticipation heading into the draw as players have been stumped for weeks at cracking the main jackpot prize.

When the jackpot reached the $50 million limit in February, ticket sales began pooling over into MaxMillions $1 million side prizes.  As the weeks went on and the jackpot remained unclaimed, very few of the MaxMillions prizes were won, slowly but surely increasing the total number of chances to win.

By the time of the draw last night, there were 50 MaxMillions prizes on the line, each valued at $1 million.  Lotto Max confirmed after the draw that claims are being made on 17 of the prizes, in addition to the jackpot winner in BC.

But lottery fans will not have to wait long for another round of life changing draws.  Due to the 33 MaxMillions prizes left unclaimed and additional ticket sales this past week, Lotto Max expects next Friday’s draw to include a $43 million jackpot prize.  Should the week go by without a winner, expect the $50 million mark to be hit once again, and MaxMillions to start adding up.

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