Loto-Quebec Doing Well With Their Online Gambling Interests

One of the most important markers of a company’s overall health would be the fiscal earnings the company is able to produce. This is true across all areas of the spectrum, including in online gaming. One such company is detailed below.

To make a long story short, Loto-Quebec recently issued their fiscal earnings report, and there are some incredibly good signs for the online gaming company. Let’s face it, all companies can fail, and this would even include online gaming companies. However, Loto-Quebec is showing some incredibly positive signs.

Indeed, in the six-month period ending September 25th, the online gambling empire enjoyed a 42 percent revenue increase. They had an overall revenue amount of over $1.4 billion and they actually increased their revenue as well. The increase in revenue was a total of 3.5 percent, meaning that more individuals are considering Loto-Quebec first for their gambling pastime.

Loto-Quebec’s online gambling site is Espacejeux.com, and they report an improvement of 42.3 percent from this last time period in the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The site not only continues to pick up steam, but it is also gaining acceleration in their profits as well. Their 42.3 percent mark is an increase from the 29.7 percent profit ratio they received just last year.

As another added bonus, the other ventures from Loto-Quebec also showed a significant profit margin. Their land-based operations show an overall profit improvement of 2.4 percent, with increases in many of their brick-and-mortar developments and in VLT operations and bingo gambling areas.

This lottery, located in Quebec, has also seen total revenue of $2.7 billion, and has seen total cash payouts of over $750 million. The Quebec lottery is still in its infancy, so there is no telling how lucrative it can become if it is allowed to continue to flourish. Things are definitely looking up, no doubt about it.

This Loto-Quebec enterprise has been in existence since 1969 when the Quebec parliament passed a bill legalizing games of chance within the province. This lottery has become well-known for offering a variety of products, including instant lotteries consisting of scratch tickets; the Mini, which is a more traditional type of lottery; and direct and online lotteries including such titles as the Lotto 6/49 and Quebec 49. Quebec has had a long history of utilizing the revenues from these gaming projects to finance a variety of public works. One of the most famous examples would be how these lotteries were used to finance the 1972 Olympics.