Greatest Managers in the World

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betting on footballThere are huge amounts of great soccer coaches currently in the world and are distinguished not only by their records but also by the style of football they play. Looking at the coaches can also be an important way in betting on football, fans can use their statistics and experiences in order to better determine and bet on winning teams. Soccer Betting can be extremely tough and it is good to have any kind of help that is out there.

One of the top managers in today’s modern game is Jose Mourinho, who is currently the head coach of Chelsea Football Club. Mourinho has been the coach of a number of teams throughout his professional career and has achieved success with each. One of his most notable achievements was winning the Champions League with Porto, which in the modern day is a huge success considering it is not one of the bigger teams in Europe. He has also seen large amounts of success with Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, he not only has a good record but also has the personality to match, styling himself as “The Special One”. When betting on football it is never a bad idea to back a team that Jose Mourinho is coaching.

These are just a few of the huge amount of managers that are currently active in the world. There are many more managers that could have made this list but these 3 have proven themselves time and against as having the capabilities to be named the best. They play fantastic football and have achieved a huge amount, all 3 still have a long time left to manage and will see many more successes.

It is impossible to talk about the top managers in the world without mentioning Pep Guardiola, the current coach of Bayern Munich. While still relatively young in the world of coaches Pep has already seen a huge amount of success in the world of football and when taking part in soccer betting he is always a coach to look out for. Pep has seen huge amounts of success with Barcelona, creating one of the most stylish teams of the modern era and winning multiple La Liga and Champions League titles in the process. He can also count amongst his honors winning the Bundesliga two consecutive seasons with Bayern Munich.

One of the most tenured coaches in England is next on the list, Arsene Wenger who is currently the coach of Arsenal and has been since October of 1996. During that time he has won the Premier League 3 times and the FA Cup 6 times, but it is not just these accomplishments that sets him apart. Arsene Wenger has produced teams the play some of the most pleasing football to behold, they are a passing team that produce some scintillating goals and outfield play. Wenger was also manager of the team of invincibles, who in the 2003-2004 season when the whole Premiership campaign without losing, something that had not been done in over 100 years.