21DUKES.com Blacklisting a Casino


“This has to be the absolute worst casino I’ve ever encountered.  Deposited $349 in Bitcoin, it never appeared as a cash balance and a bonus was forced on the account.  By the time that I noticed this I had already played through most of the balance, wondering why it wouldn’t let me play the BetSoft games.  Contacted their customer service through their live chat.  Chatted with R*****, who didn’t quite understand the situation or get that I didn’t ask for a bonus.  ”

An automatically applied bonus on a deposit is not a standard practice that I know of and it’s incredibly infuriating.

“I had just wanted to play some games and have fun and instead was basically robbed of my deposit without warning and without explanation.  So, after explaining the situation twice I was asked to wait and “R*****” said he is checking.  It took over half an hour and still no response.  Finally, when R***** returned, his solution was to block automatic bonuses from appearing on the account.”

“I was never given access to my cash balance and only had a bonus balance which they clearly differentiate from a cash bonus throughout their website.  They even have some games that can’t be played without a cash balance. Their live chat/customer service is incredibly sketchy in the first place as there are no time stamps and I was continually asked to wait without a duration set.”

Complaints like those above are fairly common when players make the mistake of opening an account with 21Dukes Casino.  An actual response to a customer complaint from the “customer disservice” team at 21 Dukes Casino was:

21 Dukes Customer Service Response “you’re just mad because you spent your balance and now you keep threatening and insulting”.

The above being in response to a question put to their customer service about the same deceptive bonus practice as mentioned above.  The games are great, but the service is horrendous and the deceptive bonus practices make this casino a total waste of time and money.  Any site that recommends this casino is either benefitting from the 21Dukes Casino deceptive bonus practices or have simply never played at the casino.  Please also keep in mind that the poor attitude and prepared responses weren’t from just one person in their customer service staff.  It was from at least three of their staff.  All exhibited the same demeanor and quite possibly could have all been the same person.

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