Bitcoin arrives and Investment Declines

Bitcoin Casino

Casinos or gambling houses and have been around for quite some time. They are now a part of a massive industry, and every single day there is a lot of money exchanged in casinos all over the world. The Native Americans are probably the most famous for owning a license on their homeland.

However, the nature of this beast has changed and evolved over the last decade or so. Why? Simply because of the rise and growing of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They have opened the door of playing casino games online from the comfort of their own home. Is it good or bad? The atmosphere for share sells changed with the arrival of AltCoins.

New Technology for Gaming Investment

Technology is moving forward yet again. A couple of years ago the biggest news was a new online casino opening. Today it is adding cryptocurrencies to the list of acceptable payment methods.

The rise of Bitcoin and different AltCoins is impacting more than just people who want to invest in them. It is taking technology up to a new level and introducing cryptocurrencies in more aspects of life.

Bitcoin is proving to be a secure cash alternative and online gambling as an industry is not lagging behind. There are now four new online casinos accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment.

There is a wide variety of different games people can now enjoy without leaving the comfort of their home. There is also a licensed Bitcoin casino that allows Bitcoin users to enjoy their favorite casino games without the hassle of cash or card transactions.

Perhaps Bitcoin acceptance could move even further up. The casino stocks recently were fluctuating because of unforeseen reasons. The change in investments and the market as a whole is attributed to the North Korea threats. The experts see the tourism numbers going down, and that has a direct impact on casinos.

Lower Traveller Numbers

The world economy is now in a much better state than it was even a couple of years ago, and yet people travel less. It is because of tighter and harsher visa policies as well as the environment as a whole. It will continue this way for an unforeseeable future, and that will see casino stocks falling even further.

Bitcoin, however, is on the rise. At the moment Bitcoin is still one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies that have been around for the longest period. Experts still think it’s more stable than other currencies. However, there are calls for stricter rules when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

With Bitcoin as a newcomer to the world of gambling, it is possible the industry will see stocks and shares falling even further. People do not want their investment to go to an industry they mostly can use online. If the tourism numbers don’t pick up soon, the industry will see a further decline in revenues and interest.

It all used to revolve around Las Vegas. However, with the law permitting individual states to operate gambling houses, Las Vegas casinos will soon start to see the shift in the population. What does it mean for casino industry as a whole? At the moment it is hard to predict.